"Amy Lynn'smesmerizing instrument is just as brassyas the horn section behind her, and shechannels its power into an ardent beltthat is masterfully controlled. She wails,riffs, and screlts with precision andartistic clarity, using these musicalflourishes to empower her performanceand heighten the depth of the emotions inthe music and lyrics." - Broadway World see full article

"Miss Zanetto packs a powerhouse voice into a petite frame." - Washington Times

"We can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be supportive of Lynn’s gigantic voice, and equally huge personality, as we think most everyone will should big fans of what she’s doing." - Adam Bernard -

"The New York City-based septet has serious chops" - Michael Verity -

"Amy Lynn's voice was beautiful, sassy, and sexy, and the horn-centric Honey Men was tight, alright, and outtasite." - Frank DeBlase - CITY Newspaper Rochester, NY

"It’s hard to put a time period on this type of music, as the explosive, passionate presence of Amy Lynn’s vocals blend with the multi-dimensional musicality that make up The Honey Men, to create a timelessness that really transcends modern music." - Duane Doobie -

"Confident, full-voiced Amy Lynn Zanetto from New York City, is obviously no stranger to the musical stage." - Damion Poirier, LA TIMES

"From the first time I learned about Jackson Pollack and action painting, I have always loved seeing a kinetic, immersive – and yes, messy – artistic process that results in beautiful abstract expressionism. This is the kind of process that works well for a music video, which is exactly what happens here, as Amy unleashes her frustration through paint and glitter. It looks awesome and the song is full of powerhouse moments, both from Amy’s voice and the punch of the band." - Stephen F -

"There are intricate and complementary orchestrations at work behind Amy Lynn's powerful and versatile voice. One moment she can belt out notes to the power level of Aretha Franklin and the next, one can hear just the slightest peaking out of a steady but more delicate twang that turns heads because it sounds like, for a single moment, the late Amy Winehouse had to have jumped in the mix. Top it all off with lyrics that resonate a touch of sass reminiscent of the 70s black pop era, while the roar from part of what could be any big band's horn section blasts out laser focused tones, and ladies and gentlemen, this Honey Men does not play it safe." - Kira Grunenberg - Nice-Dice Blog

"Like Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and the Brian Setzer Orchestra before them, Amy Lynn & The Honey Men worship the days of Mad Men and all the glamour they entailed. She might not keep up on the Kardashians or give a damn what “Speidi” is, but The Honey Men's got the musical sophistication to leave all that in the dust, anyway." - CWG Magazine

editor's note:
"I had the pleasure of attending the Amy Lynn & The Honey Men concert. Not only is Amy a fantastic vocalist, but the entire band creates an environment of fun that t brings the songs to life. Be sure to put these folks on your radar. This is a CLASSIC sound that's being reinvented brilliantly. They aren't to be missed." - Ryan Brinson - Bleep Magazine

Amy Lynn and her amazing band are firing both barrels with this new effort. From the beautiful orchestration of 'I Do' to the infectious groove of ' I Believe to My Soul,' this EP is an all around winner. - Jeff Ward

"Listening to Amy Lynn, backed by her shot-through-the-heart-and-lived-through-it good Honey Men, it’s impossible not to smile, or at least look at things through rosy-tinged glasses." -Heather Wysocki, Chicks With Guns

"Sounds as if Diana Ross, the Supremes and Janis Joplin were in an orgy and made one hell of a Motown, old time singer out of a white wavy haired New Yorker!" -Reviewer Magazine

"The Honey Men delivered the entire set with a joy so infectious even Scrooge himself would’ve left with a pep in his step." -Fan

"Look out! With two EPs in their holster and a rapidly growing fanbase, this NYC-based act is armed and ready to blow you away. The first thing that will strike you about Amy Lynn and The Honey Men is Amy Lynn Zanetto’s voice: this sassy frontwoman channels soul and gospel in a Joplin-meets-Etta James attack that will raise the hairs on your noggin. You’ll then realize that her nine-piece band has your body swaying at its beck and call. Co-founder, arranger and saxophonist Alex Hamlin orchestrates a sound that fuses the rhythms of classic Stax records with brass power that the Godfather of Soul would be proud of. They might just hit you seventeen times with their parade of originals — including bluesy ballads, rock n’ roll scorchers and catchy sixties-style pop ditties. Now don’t say I didn’t tell you so." -Joy Hanson, Beacon Pass NYC

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