Amy Lynn Hamlin - Singing + Shinanigans

Amy Lynn is a lover of red wine, cigars, scrabble and thrift shopping. She is in love with all types of cats, including her own, Walter & Boris. She throws one hell of party and enjoys the Lionel Richie pandora station. She dreams of a world where stilettos were pain free and there was a healthy cigarette. Oh, and her husband is hot.

Alex Hamlin - Baritone Saxophone

Alex in his spare time likes to read about current events and science, listen to music, drink wine, take long walks in his neighborhood, go to the music store and fantasize about buying everything there and putting it inside a house that he and Amy will build on top of a hill in the country side.

Brian Whitted - Piano, Organ, Wurly

Brian learned to play the piano before he learned to read. He hated turning pages and prefers to rehearse without shoes. He dreams of a world where no one uses calculators and the transpose button. He loves playing for divas.

Jeff Hermanson - Trumpet

Jeff lives in Astoria, Queens. He likes to laugh, read non-fiction books, and practice his trumpet. He often muses about achieving world peace by utilizing the natural charm of kittens and puppies. After sipping tap water from one of his new stainless steel pint glasses, he opines "Wut? Wut?"

Michael Vincent Ross - Drums

Michael was born and raised Baltimore, MD. Despite losing all his hair at an early age, he holds 80's hair bands close to his heart. He hates sci-fi, has an extreme coffee addiction, is scared to death of heights, and loves run-on sentences. His adult beverage of choice is Heineken. He will happily discuss shaving tips with you at any time

Ed RosenBerg III - Tenor Saxophone

Ed spends a lot of time playing the saxophone and writing music. He likes songs about horses, magazines about horses, and horses. He also likes cake and horses (though his veganism prevents him from eating either).

Benjamin Gallina - Bass

Ben is not only a well-rounded musician, but a man who loves a good meal, a good book, and a good game. No organized sports for this guy though. It has to be a round of Boggle, Bocce, or Pictionary if you want to see his competitive side come out.